Why lose what you can preserve?

You’ve worked hard to build wealth. Let us ensure the success lasts for generations. Secure your peace in the areas that matter most.

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Peace of Mind

We understand that preserving and managing your wealth can be complex and overwhelming.

At the Meristem Family Office, you can be at peace, knowing that your family's wealth is in capable hands. We provide comprehensive solutions and personalized guidance, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most- your family’s wellness.



Because family wealth is deeply personal, confidentiality is a big part of our promise in serving you.

As your trusted partner, we uphold the most rigorous standards of privacy and discretion. Your personal affairs are treated with the utmost confidentiality, ensuring your comfort and security.


Partners for the Journey

We are here to support you and your family across generations.

By choosing our services, you gain a reliable partner who will be there for you every step of the way, offering continuity and stability for your wealth management needs. In addition, we adopt a holistic and long-term view of wealth management. We go beyond short-term gains, focusing on preserving and growing your wealth in its different forms.

Our Services

At the Meristem Family Office, our Clients are as distinct as their stories. This is why our services are carefully designed to address their challenges and meet their unique needs.

Family Governance Advisory

Leverage our expert guidance to uphold your family's legacy and culture. We codify your values to provide enduring guidance for countless generations. Our services encompass the creation and implementation of a family constitution, establishment of a family council, and provision of family secretariat services. Additionally, we curate bespoke family retreats and offer comprehensive next-generation preparation programs.

Investment Advisory

We provide personalized investment advice aligned to your family's long-term needs. We assist in crafting your Family’s Investment Policy and ensuring sound implementation and monitoring in line with economic realities.

Health and Longevity Plan

Our health concierge services provide personalized assistance and support to our families in navigating the healthcare system and accessing the right medical services all over the world. We also offer access to benchmark testing services that yields comprehensive health insights. This empowers you to make well-informed decisions regarding your family's long-term wellness, ensuring their utmost well-being and vitality.

Legacy Planning

Our approach embraces holistic strategies to safeguard your wealth and your family's well-being. From trust services and ethical wills to the Power of Attorney of Care, we work closely with you to develop a comprehensive succession plan. We will help your articulate your deepest aspirations for your family within the right structures to safeguard your legacy.


Maximize the power of strategic philanthropy to strengthen your family’s capabilities, build critical skills, and enhance society. We provide advisory and implementation services to help you establish and execute a philanthropic strategy aligned with your family's values, ensuring a meaningful and impactful approach to giving back.

Legacy Documentation Service

We understand the frustrations of incomplete family records, conflicting interpretations of history, and the challenge of passing down intangible values. Our bespoke service helps you capture our family's journey to success, the cherished nuances of time and the most important lessons that every generation needs to thrive on their own path.

Our success lies in helping your family overcome the odds to thrive for generations to come. Contact us today to begin this important journey.

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